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Why use an AGENT?
Because travel agents, particularly those affiliated with Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), are the traveler's best resource for planning a cruise vacation!
Booking your vacation travel through a travel agent not only provides you with the best service, guidance and resources, but it does NOT COST you one penny more than booking on your own. In fact, the FREE service your travel agent provides can actually SAVE you money as well as save you lots of time.

At Sail Away, we are dedicated to getting the best prices, most discounts and extra rewards for our clients – for every vacation, every time!

Our professional cruise experts are especially qualified in helping you choose the perfect cruise and getting you the best vacation value. They have completed a rigorous curriculum of cruise sales training and have personally sailed, or inspected, a wide variety of cruise ships. By working with Sail Away, you can be confident that many of the cruise vacations we recommend are based on personal experience.